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Slow fashion with a story




Slow fashion with a story for street, yoga, play, self reflection, travel, free thinking and spiritual living.
Each made-to-order garment is printed with a Freedom Drawing that carries the energy of a spiritual lesson which gives wearing it an extra dimension.

Freedom drawings came into being during my journey into the discovery of meditation and self reflection, they are made freestyle, in the moment and from the heart. 

Every item is made-to-order to support a zero waste planet and delivery takes around 2 weeks.

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Yoga Leggings

*New Colours*

Combining frosty lilac with soft peppemint and bright yellow for summery versions of BE & LOVE prints -  wrap yourself in some sunshine and sparkle like a superstar :)

Tees & Tanks

A selection of Tees and Tanks printed with Freedom drawings and Texs from my Instagram page :) If you like to swop a print to a different Tee or Tank or want another print from Instagram just let me know and i will make it happen.

Buy two to receive an automatic 10 euro discount: any combination works!

Freedom drawing No.10 - KNOW

Freedom drawing No.24 - FREE

Freedom drawing No.10 - KNOW

Freedom drawing No.09 - BE

Freedom drawing No.15 - ONE