NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings
NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings
NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings
NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings
NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings
NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings

NOW Dawn Yoga Leggings

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Wonderfully soft super stretchy yoga leggings - made of a comfortable microfiber yarn, so they'll never lose their stretch. Great for every occasion and perfect for even the most challenging asana.

NOW brings the shade pallets dusk and dawn, during these times it is easiest for us to be in the now because of the pure beauty of the sky during these hours. This is also the time when it is easiest to make contact with other worlds and dimensions, so great for meditation or spiritual activities and ritual.

Freedom Drawing No. 04 NOW
The energy of this drawing embodies the boundless perfection of now. Leaving behind all thoughts of the future or the past and just being here now for the full 100%. Opening up to the glorious richness of now and relaxing into it’s never ending abundance, which is eternity.

• Fabric is 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Four-way stretch
• Elastic waistband
• Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing
• Fast drying and easy to wash
• All drawings are originally created by hand and copyrighted by Derrekien/L&ON.

We source products and fabrics from ethical eco-friendly brands and suppliers that comply to labor, environmental, and safety standards. For the prints we use water based pigment inks.

10% of Profits goes to other positive projects (more on the about page).

Every item we sell is made on demand to support a no waste future. So think before you buy and have a good look at the descriptions and size tables because we have a Minimal Returns policy and want to encourage being conscious of what you order in a bid to reduce waste caused by the fashion industry.